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Views of Kingston - Best Skyline Spots

Many cities rely on high rise buildings to give a bird’s eye view. But Kingston offers natural beautiful views from its surrounding mountains. From these elevated perches we can enjoy the stunning sunsets and see the city from an entirely different perspective. But you don’t need to drive up to the top of Blue mountain to get a taste of this high life. Best enjoyed at night, here are a few of our favorite spots to see Kingston’s twinkling lights when the sun sets. The Dub Club could be your late-night spot for vibes and views. Just off Skyline Drive, it is one of the best places in Kingston to enjoy Reggae music, powered by their custom sound system and a house band. Drop in musicians often add variety to the place. Welcoming love and light in all forms, Dub Club will feed your mind, body and soul with good vibrations. Soak in the setting while watching Kingston twinkle below. Skydweller on Ardenne Road has quickly become a popular spot for rooftop dining, with an expansive view of Kingston. The spacious restaurant and bar have a bandstand and often hosts live performances. From its central location visitors have a 360-degrees view of the city and its environs. Sora Japanese Sky Cuisine says it all. On top of a fourth-floor walk-up on Phoenix Avenue, the restaurant has become popular for its delicious food and great prices. But many come at night to dine for its expansive view of Kingston and its surrounding hills. You will enjoy this!

R Hotel is the newest entrant in town with a view of everything. Just off Trafalgar Road, the bar and restaurant compliment each others decor and relaxed yet elegant atmosphere. Nestled in the middle of the business district, facing East Kingston and the Blue Mountains, it’s the ideal place to see the moon rise above the mountain range above Papine. It’s a delightful backdrop for a quiet meal or beverage.

The Victoria Pier on the waterfront offers stunning views of Kingston Harbour, and its restaurant complex gives you lots from which to choose. There is the unchanging Gloria’s serving its traditional seafood, but there is also Ribbiz, Island Coffees Café, Devon House Ice Cream and Board Walk Bistro.

If you want to venture further, Strawberry Hill in Irish Town is perfect for a quiet relaxed dinner or drinks, and a breathtaking view. A writer once said that from Strawberry Hill, Kingston looks like the enchanting city it is not. The view from that height gives you a newfound perspective on the size of Kingston and the many people living and working here.

*This was originally written for an agency during my time in Jamaica*

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