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About Me

Hello again, 

You've found my website. Whether by accident or on purpose(!), I'm going to try and tell you a bit more about myself.


I graduated from King's College London in 2018, with a European Studies BA Hons. Since Brexit entered into our vocabulary, everyone seems to understand the relevance of Europe. However, in 2014 when I first began my studies, the majority of people did not see the point. These days, the tune has changed slightly and I'm always right on the edge of saying, "I told you so". 

My research interests include, Empires, ethnic minority identity in France and the UK, feminist theory and European identity. 

Fast forward to today, I moved to Kingston, Jamaica in October 2019. I'm working for one of the leading production and advertising agencies in the Caribbean as a senior content creator; as well as a freelance presenter with one of the two national TV stations. I am finding my feet in a country that is strangely familiar. I'm excited to tell stories, meet fascinating people and grow into a better, more meaningful creator.



Before this move, I was working on Student LifeStart, an online student platform set-up by Virgin Money. How did I find myself there? Well....In 2017, I was interning at the Victoria and Albert Museum. I met an incredible woman called Eva Liparova who got me involved in the project and in hindsight it was probably the best post-uni job EVER. I learnt so much, being part of the LifeStart story from beginning, middle and end. Going from part-time student to full-time remote freelancer.

In February 2019, I began working for Globelynx, part of the Press Association, whilst also studying part-time for a news-reporting NCTJ diploma.

After some soul-searching, I decided I needed a big change. So I thought, why not go back to my heritage? I went to live in the country my grandparents left over 50 years ago. So, that's where I still am since 2019.  



Even in Jamaica, my passion remains story-telling. That manifests itself in film, broadcast journalism, and content creation. You can see all my previous work by looking at Projects or here's my CV

My current aspirations include; working on more film and documentary projects, diversifying my presenting and collaborating with people across the globe. If you think you can help me achieve this or you'd like me to work with you on a project, idea or strategy then I'm only an email away.

Drop me a line: or see my full work experience via Linkedin


I'm a great believer in creating networks and building communities of like-minded and talented people. Lots of the portrait photos on this website were taken by a few incredible creatives (who just so happen to be my friends). I've linked them below so you can check out their work:

Nestor Gomes

Monika Kanokova

Alexander Durie

Troy Oraine

98C489B8-02A7-4283-9661-AF6AB0FBDAE2.heic  | +1 (876) 871-5249

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