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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Tips

Originally a Roman festival, Valentine’s Day is now a day for lovers, and love interests, to profess their heart and deepest feelings to someone special in their life. Unfortunately, there is also an expectation for Valentines to wow their partner with extortionate gifts. Celebrities have raised the stakes for all of us, spending big to shower loved ones with presents, roses, designer jewelry or watches. For most of us, however, Valentine’s day is celebrated with a more modest budget but no less love.

Many of you will have been planning the day for months and we say well done. For those struggling with ideas or searching for last minute options, here are some Valentine’s day ideas.

“Say my name, say my name” Show they’re your one true love and customize their gift. Whether splashing the cash or on a tight budget, make it personal with their name or a message. Whatever you decide to buy, add that special touch by making it unique to them. It could be a cute message, or just their initials, but with their name it means it can’t be for anyone else but them. Your one true love.

Made with love Thought about making your Valentine’s gift this year? Nothing says love quite like a homemade card and gift. It’s unique to you and your partner and can never be replaced. Handmade cards or cake or cookies show you put time and effort into making the day special. It’s a more affordable way to show your love and can be tailored to fit exactly what your loved one likes. Photo albums or love letters are a great keepsake for your loved ones to cherish for years to come.

Long lasting love One big critique of Valentine’s is that it is one day in 365, meaning this one day sees an outpouring of love and presents not seen any other day of the year. Why not spread out their gifts to show you want a lasting relationship. Create Valentine’s vouchers they can cash in anytime. The vouchers can be for a spa or shop or could be handmade for them to request a massage from you or breakfast in bed. A gift that extends into the rest of the year shows you want to be with them for longer than just one day.

Do it together Valentine’s day is about demonstrating your love for your partner or love interest. Perhaps you can plan a date that involves an activity to do together? You both could learn a new skill, like sizzling salsa or art classes. Anything you both enjoy would be enhanced on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, so why not do that by trying something new?

Keep it traditional Nowadays Valentine’s day seems to be a competition of wealth and extravagance. But often nothing can be more meaningful than a simple well thought out gesture. A Valentine’s Day card expressing your love and a bunch of their favourite flowers is often all you need. As restaurants get booked up, a home-cooked meal or breakfast in bed, can also be far sweeter than a fancy meal. Schedule a quiet stroll together in a park or a drive in the country to close a low-key Valentine’s day celebration.

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