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February 14th is right around the corner. While some people plan their day with their loved one, budgeting for posh meals, meaningful gestures and extravagant gifts not everyone will be coupled up on Valentine’s day.

For those of us without a significant other in our lives, what can we do on Valentine’s day that can keep our spirits up?

Try out a dating app. Research says dating and messaging apps saw more messages and dates planned for the first two weeks in February than any other time of the year. That means that you’re definitely not the only single person out there – even if it feels like that sometimes! What’s more, users spend longer looking at profiles on Valentine’s day and take more time to reply to messages. So, if you’re feeling lonely, now might be the time to try out online dating and hopefully find a future boo.

Throw a ‘#Galentinesday’ event You may not have a husband or boyfriend, but you probably have a group of friends you can rely on. Why not organize a party with them on February 13th? That way even those who have a partner can join in the fun. American businesses like Target and ride sharing app Lyft have been promoting Galentine’s Day since 2017. The Instagram hashtag #galentinesday has a heap of inspiration on how to spend the day celebrating with your friends. It’s a perfect way to remind yourself of the other special relationships in your life even though they’re not romantic.

Prioritize yourself over social media Life can be stressful and busy. Turn off your phone and take a detox. Don’t scroll through people’s feeds making yourself feel worse. Make the decision to spend February 14th catching up on you. Get your life in order, de-clutter your space and treat yourself to an at home facemask or spa treatment. Reply to emails and call older family members ou haven’t spoken to for a while. Take the day to feel rejuvenated and back in control of your life.

Dress up your pet Valentine’s day can also be a time for spreading love and laughter. Be inspired by the day of love and dress-up all in red or decorate your pet and share it with friends and family. It’ll bring a smile to people’s faces and brighten their day. On Instagram #valentinesdog has some very cute examples of people dressing up their dogs for the day of love.

Treat yourself (and Buy Jamaican) With Valentine’s Day being a time for gift giving, buying local and supporting local businesses is trending. Jamaica has some innovative entrepreneurs who create beautiful items to buy and cherish. Whether it’s a new outfit or a new beauty product, try out something that with help the local economy. Kingston Night Market is a great place to be inspired.

*This was originally written for an agency during my time in Jamaica*


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