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From the archive: Hello 2014!

FIRST PUBLISHED: 2nd Jan 2014, aged 18 years old.

It's never too late to repost old blogposts from when you were 18 years old. What on earth could go wrong?!


Gosh and just like that 2013 was gone.

In a flurry of sweaty men and ducking of midnight kisses- I was catapulted into what will be (I hope) an interesting and fabulous year that is 2014 (Or 2k14 to its friends).

For me, 2014 is very much a year of giving. I haven’t made any resolutions, as I never keep them and often forget them by about March. So I decided this year I would not keep up any pretences. 2014 is a year for being “Better”. All in all, a better person, better fitness, better looking… whatever I feel needs to be better I am going to try my utmost to ‘better it’. This all sounds very naive and a tad fluffy and unrealistic. Which I have to admit in many ways it is. YET I feel if I start the year with one of these philosophical statements, some of the good intentions will trickle through to real life. And if all goes as I plan, this blog can hold testament to whether I keep a few, if any, of these good intentions.

Personally, 2013 held the key to unlocking the final piece of being happy in myself. I no longer need the same amount of gratification that perhaps I once did. Especially given my generation and age group, I feel quite lucky that I now know who I am and that I will always change so I might as well be myself and have my own views rather than bowing to others’ (often unhelpful) expectations. Travel, happiness, music, friends, food, family, love, exploration- these are all very much what I hope 2014, and life in general will continue to provide for me. I think taking the positives from life are often all that we can do. So Happy New Year Internet! The World! and whoever else has seen a New Year arise! And bring on 2014!

Till I write again, C x

18 years old and living in Paris - the clichés are most probably correct

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