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From the archive: Thought provoking thoughts - still to come

FIRST PUBLISHED: 10th Jan 2014, aged 18 years old.

It's never too late to repost old blogposts from when you were 18 years old. What on earth could go wrong?!


So I have started this blog to chronicle my highs and lows in life. And also be vaguely witty, sharing experiences or views of interest with the people of the internet along the way. My first problem however is: I don’t know what to write…..

Spilling tea, like only a 18 year old can do

Those who know me and even those who don’t, know that I talk a lot (perhaps too much at times). Suffering from a bad case of ‘verbal diarrhoea’, being silent can be a challenge. Lack of opinions or fear of sharing them has never been a huge problem for me. Yet when it comes to writing a short post for this blog, I draw blank thoughts. Or rather a whole load of words which may sound funny or witty but no real bulk behind it, i.e. nothing for people to actually read. Probably why my ‘verbal diarrhoea’ was christened upon me. At times I just drivel on without any thought or knowledge of an end. (I think perhaps I suffer from that thing of enjoying my own voice? Although I hate it, due to it sounding quite well spoken or “really posh” as my friends say). I have a brain of big ideas, buzz words, thought-provokers, but actual stories, arguments, discussions? My brain didn’t think that far ahead. This has lead to a difficult situation. Starting, re-starting, deleting ideas on a whim. Have I lost all capacity to think and write? Has my gap year destroyed all of my intellect?- this is a real fear of mine that I may actually being getting ‘stupider’ and when I go to university at the end of this year, I will be academically the same level as when I was at high school because I haven’t used my brain in a while. 

So I have down the obvious thing that all writers do. I write about my predicament of being stuck for ideas/words. The perfect writers block remedy – write about it bruv! Whether the quality is good or bad. Even now I feel the satisfaction of seeing black words filling a page.

No wonder stream of conscience is so popular because all you have to do is write stuff. It’s up to the reader to “get it”, “not get”, “get that there’s nothing to get”, or “not get that there’s nothing to get”. Ah the joys of writing and artistic expression.

You didn’t like this post? Well someone else may have done, and in a hundred years this could be studied as literature. (Though I severely hope not. Just in case: Human race-what have you become?!) I don’t actually believe all I wrote, but as I said before, the satisfaction of words filling a blank space beats any hope of ‘quality writing’- perhaps you can read my next post for that?

So internet, I shall wish you goodbye! And for you own sakes, that I have had an idea by then. But hey! the description says it all!

I’ll write again, don’t know where, don’t know when. But I know we’ll see again, some sunny-ish day!

C x

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