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007's Bond with Jamaica

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

For your eyes only.......

With the latest James Bond tipped for cinemas in October.... here are a few Jamaican spots featured in the films.


A list about James Bond in Jamaica without his creator, Ian Fleming, would be incomplete. When suffering from writer’s block, Fleming came up with the idea for 007 while at his home in Oracabessa. Now a luxury hotel, Goldeneye resort is a must for diehard Bond fans.

Laughing Waters

They shot the iconic scene of Ursula Andress emerging from the sea singing at this beach. Of course this was for the 1962 classic Dr No. Bond was played by young Sean Connery. Now privately owned, it may be difficult to access the beach.

White River

The White River dividing St. Ann and St. Mary was the location for the river scenes in Dr. No. As Bond is being chased, he hides under the water, ingeniously using bamboo sticks for air. Embrace your adventurous side and go rafting or tubing on White River. In true spy style, you’ll never say never again.

Grand Port Royal Hotel

This is arguably one of the most recognizable spots in Jamaica for Bond fans. It’s where Bond meets Quarrel and follows him, ending up in a fight with Pussfeller. Have dinner down by the waterfront, or let go at their spa. This is a perfect opportunity to unwind and soak in the James Bond surroundings.

Falmouth Swamp Safari

The wetland nature reserve in Trelawny is not for the faint hearted. Also called Falmouth Crocodile Farm, the area has more than 80 specimens residing there. In Live and Let Die Roger Moore ran across the backs of crocodiles to safety in this swamp, which is also home to a wide variety of species of birds and snakes.

Green Grotto Caves

Remember Kananga’s lair in Live and Let Die? It was shot at the Green Grotto Caves in North Jamaica near Runaway Bay. Thankfully, in real life the pools do not hold man-eating sharks, but visiting here you will learn more about Jamaica’s past and the animal life in and around the caves.

Couples Sans Souci – Live and Let Die

This hotel has featured in the 1962 classic Dr. No and also Roger Moore’s 1973, Live and Let Die. Carved into the cliffside, this is a diamond that you’ll want to stay at forever. With natural mineral springs, hidden grottos and a penthouse suite named after one of the 007s ‘Roger Moore, D-20', you can’t miss out on this spot in Ocho Rios if you’re a true James Bond fan.

That’s my top 007 spots for fans of the Bond movies. For those who’ve read the book The Man with the Golden Gun, it features places that can be found near Negril like Orange River, Green Island Harbour or The Great Morass.

*This was originally written for an agency during my time in Jamaica*

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