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Welcome to my website!


I shall not introduce myself again, because if you've got this far that means that you probably know who I am by now. This, right here, is my first post of what will become a monthly newsletter on my life. Mostly professional, sometimes personal, and always 100% randomness that is me, I hope to document my life for 1 whole year. I have made it accessible to the public in an attempt to FORCE myself to continue. If anyone reads these monthly 'lifeletters' or not - I'm not particularly bothered. I'm more interested in whether I remember to stick to this. You may have noticed that this first lifeletter (the word is catching on!) is being published right at the end of January - so it is, if anything, a realistic beginning of how this year will go.

Do I know exactly what these lifeletters will or will not include, or what topics I should or should not cover? NOPE. But what I do know, is that I will be saying what I think and feel for the first time (ever-ish) on the internet. This scares me. Perhaps because I'm on the cusp of both Millennials and Generation Z, I understand the internet and it's many uses yet remain deeply distrustful. I grew up on cassette tapes and TV with 5 channels (4 if there was a storm) the idea that social media can hold all my information and present a virtual depiction of myself (which anyone can access) is CRAZY. The internet is dark, twisted and above all a real-life fantasy, so I've always treaded with care. But here I am, ready to write my year away.

2019 has begun kindly. I feel that there is a lot of possibility out there and quite a few pieces of the puzzle seem to be fitting together. I don't want to write about them just yet. I really don't want to jinx anything before I've started, but my next lifeletter I'll update on where I am, what I'm doing and where I've been.

What I will not be changing in all of this is my attitude towards social media and my time spent on social media (which is already far too much). I don't want this to become a faceless branding mission, I hope that this will encourage dialogue and collaboration with people that I admire. Hopefully a digital footprint or shadow of the technicolour life that we all lead.

Who knows if it'll work, but I guess we'll use these 11 months to find out! Until then, thanks for reading and have an inspiring month.

C x

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